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Distributed and Self-organizing Systems
Distributed and Self-organizing Systems

Personal Information

Name: Valentin Siegert M.Sc.
Room: 1/B204
Phone: +49 371 531 31233
Fax: +49 371 531 8 31233


  1. Valentin Siegert, Mahda Noura, Martin Gaedke (2020): Conference Paper "aTLAS: a Testbed to Examine Trust for a Redecentralized Web"
  2. Valentin Siegert (2019): Conference Paper "Content- and Context-Related Trust in Open Multi-agent Systems Using Linked Data"
  3. Sebastian Heil, Valentin Siegert, Martin Gaedke (2019): Book Section "Crowdsourced Reverse Engineering: Experiences in Applying Crowdsourcing to Concept Assignment"
  4. André Langer, Valentin Siegert, Christoph Göpfert, Martin Gaedke (2018): Conference Paper "SemQuire - Assessing the Data Quality of Linked Open Data Sources."
  5. Sebastian Heil, Valentin Siegert, Martin Gaedke (2018): Conference Paper "ReWaMP: Rapid Web Migration Prototyping leveraging WebAssembly"

Reviewer for Conferences and Journals

  1. WEB 2020 The 8th International Conference on Building and Exploring Web Based Environments (Program Committee)

Current Students

  1. Jakob Döring, Lucas Schröder, Nils Trampel: Teamorientierte Projektarbeit (2020) "Quarantänenetz Chemnitzer StudentenNetz"
  2. Maurice Beyerlein: Praktikum (2020) "Erstellung eines Konzepts zur Netzwerkzugriffskontrolle"
  3. Udey Singh: Masterarbeit (2020) "Prioritization Framework for Self-organized Organizations"
  4. Nashib ul Khamash: Masterarbeit (2020) "Forecast the Most Suitable Agile Framework at the Start of Project"
  5. Dattatrya Raghunath Bhosle: Masterarbeit (2019) "Software Architecture Development for a Multidisciplinary Interactive Aircraft-Design Tool"
  6. Marten Rogall, Jun Li: Praktikum (2019) "Initializing Content Trust of Web Resources"

Advised Projects

  1. Abdul Aziz Sabra, Moshbah al Habbal: Masterarbeit (2019) "Goal setting framework based on OKRs, LFA and Design Thinking"
  2. Abdul Rahman Idrees: Masterarbeit (2019) "Microservices & Micro Frontends Web Application using Content Trust"

Advised Courses

  1. Tutorial "Security of Distributed Software"
  2. Tutorial "Software Service Engineering"
  3. Tutorial "Current Trends in Web Engineering"
  4. Practical Course "Planspiel Web Engineering"
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