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Distributed and Self-organizing Systems
Distributed and Self-organizing Systems


Microservices & Micro Frontends Web Application using Content Trust
Microservices & Micro Frontends Web Application using Content Trust



Research Area

Web Engineering


Abdul Rahman Idrees

Abdul Rahman Idrees






Many web applications grow over time to accommodate the new requirements of their users. With every newly added feature, the application becomes more interconnected and harder to scale and maintain. Microservices architecture was created to help developers scale their applications with ease without added complications for modifications or maintenance.

This new architecture suits both ends of the application, the Frontend and the Backend as well. Backend requirements will be handled by small tasks and each task will be performed by a microservice. On the other side, the Frontend will be divided into different parts and each part will be rendered by one micro frontend. As this implies communication between all micro parts, trust plays especially with parts of different parties a central role. The objective of this thesis is to research the workflow, tools and guidelines involved in creating a web application based on this architecture, while solving trust concerns via embedded content trust. To achieve this, a Blog will be developed out of micro frontends and microservices. The relationship among micro apps will be addressed regarding their content trust. A solution will be created to help the different parts of the application to establish a context-wise trust.

The objective of this master thesis is to find an approach or a combination of approaches to solve the previously mentioned problem in the context Microservices and Content Trust. This particularly includes the state of the art regarding microservices and trust in computer science with reference to Content Trust. The demonstration of feasibility with an implementation prototype of the concept is part of this thesis as well as a suitable evaluation with exemplary use cases.

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