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Distributed and Self-organizing Systems
Distributed and Self-organizing Systems


A solid-based decentralized Hot Desk Booking Web Application
A solid-based decentralized Hot Desk Booking Web Application



Research Area

Web Engineering


S M Maruf

S M Maruf






The web became a widespread trend of envisioning decentralization and universality for significant economic value but also part of business achievements. Hence, many companies avoided the principle of decentralization and universality and forced user to use or go through central server offered by them. At present, centralized web platforms intend users to use controlled infrastructure for storing their data which resulting data silos and walled garden. Projects like Solid, aim at preserving confidentiality by enabling users to store personal data in decentralized Pods, personal online stores, with flexibility to distribute data among multiple pods and this allows users to retain complete ownership of their data, including storage location and access control. Users have full control over who has access to their pods, how much data they share with which people, entities, or apps, and when access is revoked. However, a new issue awaits when considerations about allowing decentralized web applications to interact trustworthy on such decentralized stored data. From this scenario, a solid based decentralized hot desk booking web application integrates possibly large amounts of data store in third-party pods and these data could be unknown and hidden. In the meantime, the included data should not abuse the web application functionality and threaten its security and compromise its trustworthiness. The decentralized web application must perform trust evaluation and trust-aware decision-making process to ensure data trust, while also allowing user control on date management and freedom enhancement. Decentralized data sources, such as foreign data, can influence trust due to changes in topic, truth, harmfulness, and malevolence and from this scenario.

Overall, the primary aim of this research is to conceptualize, design, and implement a robust a decentralized Solid based hot desk booking web application environment, which includes a trust awareness for the hot desk booking application to process all decentralized data trustworthy.

The objective of this master thesis is to find an approach or combination of approaches to solve the previously mentioned problem in the context of trust-aware data processing for decentralized web applications. This particularly includes the state of the art regarding Solid and Decentralized web applications. The demonstration of feasibility with an implementation demonstrator of the concept is part of this thesis as well as a suitable evaluation with exemplary use cases.

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