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Distributed and Self-organizing Systems
Distributed and Self-organizing Systems


Prioritization Framework for Self-organized Organizations
Prioritization Framework for Self-organized Organizations



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Udey Singh

Udey Singh






A self-organized organization is about decentralizing the decision-making authority from a particular group (C-level) to multiple people at various levels of the hierarchy. In this type of organization, middle level or lower level employees have the authority to take most of the decisions regarding their work which also includes setting their own priorities and strategies. The organizations tend to become overwhelmed by having multiple goals it is trying to achieve and loses its clear focus because they struggle to set and align their priorities between different business units or so-called circles. A platform to set priorities is provided in self-organization frameworks but not a methodology to be used.

There are many prioritization methodologies present to handle complex projects. Each prioritization methodology has its own benefits and weaknesses. There is no significant research done on the compatibility of the prioritization methodology in self-organized environments. Combining ideas out of already existing well-known and often used methodologies can lead to a framework working out for many use cases. The objective of this thesis includes to integrate different methodologies, especially Impact Points and OKR’s (Objective Key Results) in a framework. To achieve this, the current prioritization methodologies have to be identified, analyzed and compared. Challenges arise besides the combination of existing methodologies at showing the compatibility of the new framework to the self-organization environment.

The objective of this master thesis is to find an approach or a combination of approaches to solve the previously mentioned problem in the context of priorities setting methodologies. This particularly includes the state of the art regarding methodologies used for setting and aligning priorities in self-organized organizations. The demonstration of feasibility with an implementation prototype of the concept is part of this thesis as well as a suitable evaluation with exemplary use cases.

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