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Distributed and Self-organizing Systems
Distributed and Self-organizing Systems

Personal Information

Name: Verena Traubinger M.Sc.
Room: 1/B204
Phone: +49 371 531-32100
Fax: +49 371 531-832100


  1. Verena Traubinger, Martin Gaedke (2023): Conference Paper "Inclusive Indoor-Navigation Systems With Conversational User Interfaces"
  2. Verena Traubinger, Sebastian Heil, Julián Grigera, Alejandra Garrido, Martin Gaedke (2023): Conference Paper "In Search of Dark Patterns in Chatbots"
  3. Andy Börner, Verena Traubinger, Philipp Stiens, Maximilian Eibl (2022): Conference Paper "Das Universal Paradox: Im Spannungsfeld zwischen Universal Design und User Experience in einer Indoor-Navigations App für Menschen mit Einschränkungen"
  4. Verena Traubinger, Lena Franzkowiak, Nico Tauchmann, Maria Costantino, Julia Richter, Martin Gaedke (2022): Conference Paper "The Right Data at the Right Moment for the Right Person — User Requirements and Their Implications for the Design of Indoor Navigation Systems"
  5. Lena Franzkowiak, Nico Tauchmann, Maria Costantino, Verena Traubinger, Peter Ohler (2021): Electronic Source "A blind spot in indoor navigation - needs and requirements of visually impaired people"
  6. Julia Richter, Jeanine Lorenz, Maria Costantino, Verena Traubinger, Nico Tauchmann, Thomas Graichen, Ulrich Heinkel (2020): Conference Paper "Dynamic indoor navigation and orientation system for people with impairments"

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