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Distributed and Self-organizing Systems
Distributed and Self-organizing Systems

Planspiel Web Engineering - Assigned Topics and Pitch Dates

Planspiel Web Engineering - Assigned Topics and Pitch Dates

The project focus for all Planspiel teams as well as a list of competitors in the same knowledge domain can be found on our VSR website at

We expect from each team a first pitch on its topic between 26 Nov and 28 Nov.
The presentation time per team is limited to 10 minutes sharp.
We will provide further details to all teams in advance.

Next week, there will be no Planspiel session. Neither on Monday nor on Wednesday. Each team should use the time to become familiar with the problem domain.
In the following week, there will be a Planspiel lecture on Monday, 19 Nov at 17:15 in room 1/204.
The lecture will focus on Design thinking and on how to prepare a first presentation.

The final pitches are going to take place in the first week of March 2019. The final pitch time is expected to be 30 minutes.


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