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Distributed and Self-organizing Systems
Distributed and Self-organizing Systems

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Trust Metrics for Web Applications in the Redecentralized Web
Trust Metrics for Web Applications in the Redecentralized Web

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Web Engineering





Current initiatives such as EU’s Next Generation Internet, and Tim Berners-Lee Social Linked Data (SoLiD) project have introduced the idea of re-decentralizing the web. Decentralizing the web enables increased data privacy so that every user has more control where his data is stored and who has access. One of the imminent challenges in web-redecentralization is enabling the means to make decentralized application trustworthy. The entities in such an architecture need to decide which others to trust and which one not. A popular technique to deal with this challenge is trust management.

Such a redecentralized web requires each application to make trust-aware decisions and their respective trust evaluations on its own. The individual decisions and evaluations enables the web applications to handle trust autonomously.
Due to the autonomousity, structural independence and the large number of web applications, the redecentralized web can be modeled as a Multi-Agent System (MAS) on a conceptual level as envisaged by the proposition of hypermedia MAS. In MAS, a web agent (web application) can flexibily take autonomous trust decisions with the cooperation of others.
To enable web agents make trust-aware decisions autonomusly, a crucial step is to identify the most suitable trust models. Despite the various sophisticated trust mechanics, scales and models proposed in the literature for evaluating an agent’s trust, the examination of them with different scenarios and configurations is not trivial.

Therefore, it is important to understand the different types of potentially important trust metrics within the redecentralized web and their most prominent representatives. A state-of-the-art evaluation based on clear defined requirements will finish this proposed project, by prototyping some of the metrics in the testbed aTLAS.

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