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Distributed and Self-organizing Systems
Distributed and Self-organizing Systems

Masterarbeit / Bachelorarbeit

Content Trust Initialization at Migration
Content Trust Initialization at Migration

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Web Engineering





The varying quality of Information resource makes the trust judgement complicated from web entities. In the original web architecture, the trust layer consists of authentication, identification and proof checking but nothing about the content itself. Content trust is content based judgement about a piece of information particularly from the given context. This means the particular information from the context is processed and contributes trust value and let the entity decide whether this information is trusted or not. The process is a combined work from a set of factors which affect how an entity determine trust in content provided by other web information sources.

In a redecentralized network when the trust evaluations should migrate to a content trust model, one certain web application requires to initialize its factors based on either past experience automatically or by expert knowledge. It is hereby unclear how exactly each of the mentioned 19 factors can/should be initialized in way such that the required expert knowledge is as small as possible to lower the migration burden to a newly used trust model. Therefore, the initialization requires not only to run automatically but also requires to assess past trust relations correctly from given artifacts. Further, future trust relationships should be able to get initialized in a way that these are neither fully trusted nor fully distrusted at the beginning.

This thesis seeks to find a solution or combination of solutions to initialize content trust at a status of migrating an already running web application, which communicates with others. It can be built on top of the findings on how to initialize content trust factors at the joining of a new web application.

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