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Distributed and Self-organizing Systems
Distributed and Self-organizing Systems


Transactions in RESTful Web Services
Transactions in RESTful Web Services

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Web Engineering





WebComposition/Data Grid Service acts as a Web-based storage and gateway solution, focusing on accessing heterogeneous data spaces using one single data model. The model is a set of so called XML lists and corresponding metadata. Operations which can be performed on XML lists lists transformation, aggregation, synchronization and protection. The data spaces within Data Grid Service are accessed using a unified REST/HTTP interface.

Currently the DGS only supports requests, which contain one single operation, e.g. creation of a new XML item, update of existing items, removal of an item etc. However, sequences of such operations, executed in parallel, can produce conflicts and cause information loss if not handled appropriately. This happens, if e.g. one and the same item is updated by several processes. The goal of the thesis is to analyze, how conflicts, resulting from complex operations can be avoided. Related research areas, e.g. transactional data processing, should be considered while devising an appropriate conflict resolution approach. A prototype should demonstrate validity and applicability of the approach in the context of several real-life scenarios.

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