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Distributed and Self-organizing Systems
Distributed and Self-organizing Systems


Run-Time Loop Detection in User Interface Mashups
Run-Time Loop Detection in User Interface Mashups

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Web Engineering





User interface (UI) mashup platforms enable development of composite applications out of autonomous building blocks, called widgets. Widgets (also called packaged web apps) are small autonomous Web applications, which often implement a single specific function, e.g. displaying weather information or translating between two languages. By combining the right widgets, users with little programming skills should be empowered to build complex solutions meeting their IT needs on their own.

Widgets usually exchange messages as soon as they are placed on a common composition canvas. Messaging takes place in an uncontrolled fashion - widgets can produce messages as reaction to user interaction, internal logic or incoming notifications. If widgets come from different vendors, such uncontrolled behavior can cause loops in the mashup. This in turn can lead to unexpected effects both in the run-time environment and even cause costs for the end user. The project should analyze which algorithms and approaches are applicable to detect message loops in loosely coupled systems. Based on this analysis the project should create a concept for loop detection in the observed message traffic. 

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