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Distributed and Self-organizing Systems
Distributed and Self-organizing Systems


Loops Discovery in Choreographed User Interface Mashups
Loops Discovery in Choreographed User Interface Mashups



Research Area

Web Engineering






Description (German)

Choreographed User Interface Mashups are characterized by implicit inter-widget communication, i.e. widgets start to communicate as soon as they are placed on a common composition canvas without prior configuration by end users. Usually the messaging takes place in a publish/subscribe fashion, which enables one widgets to react on events taking place in others. If widgets come from different vendors, however, such implicit connections can cause loops in the mashup. This in turn can lead to unexpected effects both in the run-time environment and even cause costs for the end user. The master project should analyze which algorithms and approaches are applicable to detect message loops in loosely coupled systems. Based on this analysis the project should create a concept for both static and dynamic loop detection. A prototype implementation of the concept should prove the applicability of the approach.

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