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Distributed and Self-organizing Systems
Distributed and Self-organizing Systems


Web Migration Revisited: Addressing Effort and Risk Concerns







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Web Engineering


Doctoral Dissertations in Web Engineering and Web Science

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Doctoral Dissertations in Web Engineering and Web Science






Web Systems are widely used and accepted due to their advantages over traditional desktop applications. Modernization of existing non-Web software towards the Web, however, is a complex and challenging task due to Legacy System characteristics. Independent Software Vendors are struggling to commence Web Migration because of the involved effort and risk. Through systematic field research and problem analysis, this situation is further analyzed, deriving a set of requirements that represent the effort and risk concerns and are used to assess the state of the art in the field. Existing Web Migration research exhibits gaps concerning dedicated approaches for the initial phase and feasibility of the proposed strategies with limited resources and expertise. This thesis proposes a solution to address the shortcomings above and support Independent Software Vendors to commence Web Migration, focusing on effort and risk. The main idea is to provide a set of dedicated solutions to close the identified gaps in the form of a methodology and a supporting toolsuite that transfer paradigms successfully solving similar problems in other areas of computer science into the Web Migration domain. These solutions constitute the proposed approach called Agile Web Migration for SMEs (AWSM), consisting of methods, tools, principles, and formalisms for reverse engineering, risk management, customer impact control, and migration strategy selection. The thesis describes the research on the devised ideas in the context of a collaboration project with an Independent Software Vendor. Applicability and feasibility of the concepts are demonstrated in several evaluation experiments, integrating empirical user studies and objective measurements. The thesis concludes with an evaluation based on requirements assessment and application of the solutions in the application scenario, and it provides an outlook towards future work.


Heil, Sebastian: Web Migration Revisited: Addressing Effort and Risk Concerns. Doctoral Dissertations in Web Engineering and Web Science, pp. 1-329, 2021.

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