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Distributed and Self-organizing Systems
Distributed and Self-organizing Systems


GrOWTH: Goal-Oriented End User Development for Web of Things Devices


Conference Paper







Research Area

Web Engineering


18th International Conference on Web Engineering

Published in

Proceedings of 18th International Conference on Web Engineering (ICWE2018)






In the last few years, interest in the Web of Things (WoT) domain has
significantly increased, particularly in the end user group. Therefore, the barriers
to entry for end users without technical experience should decrease. However, so
far, research in the WoT has been mainly dedicated to technical aspects of smart
objects such as communication challenges and interoperability. The benefits of
WoT can be amplified if end users; who do not have the required programming
skills, are provided the opportunity to be directly involved in defining the
behavior of their smart environment without being involved in technical issues.
Many of the current end user development (EUD) applications available for WoT
are not efficiently usable for the non-technical users, requiring a high learning
burden and high development time for the end user. It is a significant challenge
to enable EUD frameworks for WoT devices to automatically adjust their
behavior based on the goals of the end user. This article presents GrOWTH, an
architecture to enable end users to program WoT devices based on a goal-oriented
interaction. To fulfill the desired user goal GrOWTH uses semantic web ontologies
for knowledge representation and planning techniques from the artificial intelligence domain to dynamically generate plans at runtime taking into account
the user goals, context, and available WoT devices. We showcase a prototypical
implementation of GrOWTH in the domain of smart home. The design principle
is ease of use and reducing the development time.


Noura, Mahda; Heil, Sebastian; Gaedke, Martin: GrOWTH: Goal-Oriented End User Development for Web of Things Devices. Proceedings of 18th International Conference on Web Engineering (ICWE2018), pp. 358-365, 2018.

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