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Distributed and Self-organizing Systems
Distributed and Self-organizing Systems


Intelligent End User Development Platform Towards Enhanced Decision-Making


Conference Paper





Martin Gaedke

Martin Gaedke

Research Area

Service Infrastructures


ICWE 2017

Published in

Proceedings of 17th International Conference




From a decision-making perspective, the web is an emerging information domain. It makes a large amount of data available for a large group of users in different domains. In recent years, the dramatic growth of data accessible through the web and the development of large-scale distributed web services have presented new challenges for users. Web services generate data in an ad hoc manner; hence, the systematic management of data has become an obstacle for efficient decision making. On the other hand, the emergence of IoT devices exaggerates the data production rate. Therefore, due to the overwhelming amount of data online, it is essential to support end users, who have limited knowledge of programming, in accessing the relevant information. During the last few decades, many approaches have been proposed to collect and process heterogeneous data from distributed sources in a more uniform way. However, existing solutions have failed to provide the flexibility required for data integration and management. The goal of this project is providing a systematic approach for end users to access and analyze exact data at the right time. The goal of this PhD project is to support knowledge workers in decision making with an end user development approach.


Zarei, Bahareh; , Martin G.: Intelligent End User Development Platform Towards Enhanced Decision-Making. Proceedings of 17th International Conference, pp. 608-615, 2017.

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