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Distributed and Self-organizing Systems
Distributed and Self-organizing Systems


Software Architecture for a Multi-Disciplinary Aircraft Design Environment
Software Architecture for a Multi-Disciplinary Aircraft Design Environment



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Dattatrya Raghunath Bhosle

Dattatrya Raghunath Bhosle






System Architectures Institute of Aerospace designs aviation as a system that builds upon integration and interaction of multiple interdisciplinary subsystems such as transportation, vehicles and systems that produce individual components or parts of the aircraft. One of the main components in aviation systems is the aircraft design which is a science for designing an aircraft.  The aircraft design needs to consider multiple requirements and multiple constraints like market demand or physical limitations.

To understand and study the influences and interactions of aircraft design’s different components and their related systems, a software system is needed.  Some of the aircraft design’s components are aircraft, product lifecycle, passenger, operation, environment, certification, and infrastructure The main goal of such a system is to obtain the best prediction outcomes of aircraft component’s parameters by thoroughly understanding interrelated components and their interactions. The intended system would bring the different relevant subsystems together and enable viewpoints of different stakeholders (e.g., aircraft designers, airlines, aircraft manufacturers, passengers, politicians) on the overall system. The aircraft design solution system shall handle more complexity of aircraft design components as well as the large amount of infrastructural and operational data.

The main goal of this master thesis is to develop a suitable conceptual model for this new kind of overall system representation that addresses the above described objectives. The concepts must be able to deal with high complexity, large amounts of data from different disciplines and different levels of model fidelity and be able to easily communicate with other external applications or tools.

 In addition, the intended software architecture shall consider the agile way software development methodology, take modularity and extensibility properties into account and consider different kinds of stakeholders, users such as internal and external developers, aircraft-design, passengers , etc. while designing the user interface.

 The aim of this master thesis is to find a suitable pattern that would solve the previously mentioned problem and research questions in the context of software architecture which concerns agility, extensibility and interfaces. This particularly contains the state of the art regarding interdisciplinary software architecture, the different relevant system levels and their components. The demonstration of designed architecture feasibility with implementation of the concept’s prototype is also a part of this thesis. However, the business logic implementation of aircraft design subsystems/systems is not a part of this thesis.

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