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Distributed and Self-organizing Systems
Distributed and Self-organizing Systems

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Semantic Web towards Domain- Specific Web Applications
Semantic Web towards Domain- Specific Web Applications

Research Area

Web Engineering





Unlike general-purpose web applications, domain-specific ones aim at addressing a well-defined domain such as healthcare, banking, education, etc. Designing such applications requires web developers to acquire sufficient domain knowledge to apply in different phases of development. This requirement has been fulfilled by applying semantic web technologies. During the last decades, the Semantic web brought new perspectives to web users by enabling machines to comprehend the domain vocabulary and data content like humans. The essential concept of the semantic web are ontologies that can model the real world with all the entities and relations among them. Moreover, ontologies can model a specific domain. The goal of this project is to use ontologies to develop domain-specific web applications. An ontology can be used in different phases of development such as requirement analysis to designing the domain model. The applicant should be able to create a precise domain model according to a given ontology.

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