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Distributed and Self-organizing Systems
Distributed and Self-organizing Systems


Survey on End User Development in IoT
Survey on End User Development in IoT



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Web Engineering


Xioaxin Liu

Xioaxin Liu






The Internet of Thing (IoT) has dramatically changed the physical environment and the objects that surround us with sensing and computational capabilities. The substantial developments in enabling device technologies, such as mobile devices, Radio Frequency Identification devices, Near Field Communication devices, and sensors and actuators imply fast progress of IoT too. These transformations result in several new issues and challenges for end users without experinece in Web and IoT. End User Development (EUD) is a solution towards satisfying this research problem, while researchers have already suggested different approaches inspired by EUD in IoT.  These solutions differ based on the EUD metaphor and the specific scenarios considered. In order to assist researchers to have a systematic understanding of the emerging EUD in IoT, we provide a comprehensive survey and qualitative comparison of the available EUD related research works in IoT ranging from academia to industry related activities. To this end, the open research challenges which deserve additional studies have also been provided.

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