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Distributed and Self-organizing Systems
Distributed and Self-organizing Systems


Innovative eHealth Applications
Innovative eHealth Applications

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Current Patient Management Systems in use in doctor's practices primarily support doctors and nurses, e.g. by managing appointments, prescriptions, billing etc. Other roles involved in a visit to a doctor, such as patient, pharmacist or transport provider are not integrated in these systems and advanced assistence in terms of analysis and recommendations is not available.

This topic comprises all innovative ideas regarding medical software which allow supporting not only doctors and nurses but all involved roles. For instance, if the patient is at the doctor's practice and gets a follow-up appointment, this should be easily integrated into his mobile device's calendar. Also prescriptions involving recurring taking of medicine could trigger reminders on the patient's mobile device. Another area of interest is improving the scheduling for the doctor by taking into account different characteristics of different groups of patients (i.e. employees, seniors, children, ...) and organizing for instance tranport to and from the practice. Also, based on the analysis of past appointments (e.g. appointment was met / cancelled / patient was 30 minutes late/early etc.) scheduling can be improved. The ideas above are only examples of possible topics in the context of innovative ideas regarding medical software allowing to support not only doctors and nurses but all involved roles.

All student are welcome to contribute their own ideas complying to this objective and can be discussed with the adviser in order to create a concrete thesis topic.

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