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Distributed and Self-organizing Systems
Distributed and Self-organizing Systems
Module 500430: Planspiel Web Engineering (WS 2022/2023)

Module 500430
Planspiel Web Engineering (WS 2022/2023)





If you have any questions concerning this course or the exam as a participant, please contact us via OPAL.

We also offer a Feedback system, where you can provide anonymous feedback for a partiular session to the presenter on what you liked or where we can improve.


  • You have to register for the Planspiel in order to participate via OPAL.
  • For further details see below.


This module belongs to the master course Web Engineering. It is the module 500430 Planspiel Web Engineering and is scheduled for semester 2/4 (winter semester). We strongly recommend to take the module 500420 Vorbereitungsseminar Planspiel Web Engineering beforehand as it provides necessary knowledge for preparation.


Main meeting:

Tuesday, 11:30 - 13:00

Additional session:

Monday, 17:15 - 20:30

Thursday, 13:45 - 17:00

Upcoming: Final Pitchmeeting a

7.03.2023 09:00

BBB Link

Access code: 337339

Please see Opal for more information.

Pitch Meetings

1. Pitchmeeting: 17.11.2022 starting from 09:00

2. Pitchmeeting: 08.12.2022 starting from 09:00

3. Pitchmeeting: 19.01.2023 starting from 08:00

4a. Pitchmeeting: 07.03.2023 starting from 09:00

4b. Pitchmeeting: 08.03.2023 starting from 09:00


Participation is only possible after registration in OPAL.

Registration on OPAL is possible starting from Oct 14 at 12:00.

Topics & Teams

Use of the Blockchain in the legal sector (in cooperation with an industry partner)
Improving patient management in the medical practice (in cooperation with an industry partner)
Verena Traubinger

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we choose our own topic?
No. A set of topics will be provided by the VSR professorship. Then you and your team can choose a topic and develop your own business idea.

Whom can we ask for support?
Each topic will be supported by an Expert (Advisor), which is one of the VSR staff members.

What do we have to do in order to develop our own business idea?
First, you and your team need to choose one of the topics. Then you have to work as a team (brainstorms, team meeting, survey...) and apply the design thinking methodology from the first lectures. to develop your own business idea based on your team's topic.

What happens, if our idea does not work or if we get new requirements?
We simulate a real-world scenario. So you should anticipate changes. You can discuss this with your team's Advisor or the Professor to find an appropriate solution.

Do I have to pitch in each session?
There are 3 mandatory pitches (1st, 2nd and final Pitch). However, there are maybe other additional pitches during the semester. All the pitches' date and time will be announced in advance. Therefore, you and your team need to be ready for the pitches.

In the first pitch, do we have to present our topic, our company or our idea?
In the first pitch, you can present your company/team (members, culture, working methodologies...), and your topic. It will be great if you can also present your business idea, but it is not mandatory.

What is the final pitch about?
In the final pitch, your team will have 20 minutes for presenting your final business, followed by a 10 minutes QandA session. This is a chance for your team to introduce your awesome company, your exciting business idea and the reason why somebody shall definitely invest in your company. We do not want to see a boring presentation and approach. We would like to see exciting and creative pitches.

What do we have to include in our monthly report?
The monthly report should cover your team's current work state and all newly achieved results for this month. For example, for the first report, you can include information about your company, team members, your communication channel, and meeting notes.

How do we submit the monthly report?
You can submit your team's monthly report via OPAL. To avoid conflict content, please only upload the report once per team.

Which extent shall our final Planspiel report have?
The final report is NOT just a simple combination of all your monthly reports. You can and should restructure and rewrite some parts to improve the quality of your report. Avoid superficial or too general phrases! The Planspiel report should at least cover information on: your company's identity, the problem identification and ideation, design thinking aspects including requirement-, stakeholder-, SWOT analysis, personae identification, customer journeys, an iterative approach how you developed and evaluated your solution, details on your product concept and implementation, and optionally business considerations. The length for your report should be approx. 75 to 90 pages but not more than 100 pages. Refer to scientific literature where appropriate in your report. Plagiarism will result in a 5.0 grading for the module.


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