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Distributed and Self-organizing Systems
Distributed and Self-organizing Systems

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Heil

Personal Information

Current Projects

Andreas Heil, T. Naumowicz, R. Freeman, M. Calsyn, E. Hellmich, A. Brändle, T. Guilford, J. Schiller
Autonomous Monitoring of Vulnerable Habitats  (Codename: Skomer)

Past Projects

T. Weis, A. Ulbrich, A. Brändle, Andreas Heil
Visual Robot Development Kit  (Codename: VRDK)
Andreas Heil, Martin Gaedke, Christopher Thiele
Federated Device Assemblies  (Codename: FDX)
M. Gebauer, O. Klar, Andreas Heil, et al.
Anforderungsentwicklungssystem AES  (Codename: SFB346)
Andreas Heil
Type of project: Diplomarbeit Advisers: Wilfried Juling, Martin Gaedke, Alexander Brändle, Johannes Meinecke

Advised Students


  1. Simon Tobias Schweizer, Susanne Steuer, Andreas Heil (2020): Conference Paper "Zertifizierungen von Gesundheits-Appsim deutschsprachigen App Store: Analyse"
  2. Susanne Steuer, Simon Tobias Schweizer, Andreas Heil (2020): Conference Paper "Medical Apps in der Medizinprodukte-Anzeigen-Datenbank des DIMDI"
  3. Andreas Heil, Matthew J. Smith, Alexander Brändle (2010): Conference Paper "Future Development Environments for Computational Scientists"
  4. Ralph Sommermeier, Andreas Heil, Martin Gaedke (2009): Conference Paper "Lightweight Data Integration using the WebComposition Data Grid Service"
  5. Andreas Heil, Martin Gaedke, Johannes Meinecke (2009): Conference Paper "Modeling Resources in a Service-oriented World"
  6. Martin Gaedke, Andreas Heil (2009): Conference Paper "GET /dgs HTTP/1.1 Host: www.WebComposition.net"
  7. Martin Gaedke, Danilo Härtzer, Andreas Heil (2008): Conference Paper "WebComposition/DGS: Dynamic Service Components for Web 2.0 Development"
  8. Andreas Heil, Johannes Meinecke, Martin Gaedke (2008): Conference Paper "Components for Growing the RESTful Enterprise"
  9. Andreas Heil, Martin Gaedke (2008): Conference Paper "WebComposition/DGS: Supporting Web2.0 Developments With Data Grids"
  10. Andreas Heil, Martin Gaedke, Johannes Meinecke (2008): Conference Paper "Identifying Security Aspects In Web-based Federations"
  11. Tomasz Naumowicz, R. Freeman, Andreas Heil, M. Calsyn, E. Hellmich, Alexander Brändle, T. Guilford, Jochen Schiller (2008): Conference Paper "Autonomous Monitoring of Vulnerable Habitats using a Wireless Sensor Network"
  12. Andreas Heil, Martin Gaedke (2008): Conference Paper "Environment-Awareness: Quantitative Processing of Context Changes"
  13. Andreas Heil, Mirko Knoll, Torben Weis (2007): Conference Paper "The Internet of Things - Context-based Device Federations"
  14. Andreas Heil (2006): Conference Paper "End-User Debugging in Distributed Environments"
  15. Andreas Heil, Iman Moradi, Torben Weis (2006): Conference Paper "LCARS - The Next Generation Programming Context"
  16. Martin Gaedke, Johannes Meinecke, Andreas Heil (2006): Conference Paper "FDX - Federating Devices and Web Applications"
  17. Andreas Heil, Christopher Thiele (2006): Conference Paper "Alles Verbunden - Von UPnP zur Geräte-Föderation"
  18. Andreas Heil (2005): Thesis "Föderatives Geräte- und Dienstemanagement mit Web-Technologien"
  19. Andreas Heil (2005): Thesis "Federated Device- and Service-Management with Web Technologies "
  20. Andreas Heil (2000): Thesis "Konzeption und Realisierung eines Anforderungsentwicklungssystems in Verteilter Umgebung"
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