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Distributed and Self-organizing Systems
Distributed and Self-organizing Systems

Learning and Knowledge Sharing @ VSR

Learning and Knowledge Sharing @ VSR

Starting again in 2019, we offer all our VSR students the great opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences in our LAKS meetings.

Become part of LAKS, if you

  • want to learn and try out topics that are not covered in any regular lecture
  • like to work with other students in an informal, exciting way
  • have questions and answers on study related topics that you want to exchange with others
  • ask for feedback on an upcoming project or presentation.

LAKS is our way for effective Learning And Knowledge Sharing.
Our VSR group therefore provides

LAKS works in an agile, unsupervised, self-organizing, facultative and open-space fashion.

See you on 16th January 2019 at 10:00 in our VSR lab 1/B203.

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