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Distributed and Self-organizing Systems
Distributed and Self-organizing Systems

Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting us, please check the following answers to frequently asked questions.


Getting Started

I am a new student and want to take one of VSR'S modules in this semester. How do I get started?

  1. Find the corresponding module homepage here: Current Educational Modules.
  2. Carefully read the information on that homepage.
  3. Register for the module in the corresponding OPAL course. The link to the course can be found on the module homepage or here: VSR's Courses in OPAL
  4. Carefully read all information provided in the OPAL course.
  5. Subscribe to the "Announcements" section in OPAL to receive notifications from the course via Email.
  6. Frequently check the Module Homepage and OPAL course for any relevant updates.
  7. Regularly check your emails for any course notifications.
  8. Routinely check our news for any relevant posts: VSR News
  9. Consider the Digital Student Mentoring services offered to all of our students
  10. For lectures and tutorials, please follow our VSR Calendar.

Lecture/Tutorial Materials

Where do I find materials for the lectures/tutorials?

Materials for lectures and tutorials can be found on the websites of the corresponding modules listed here: Current Educational Modules. Materials for tutorials are available for registered students in the corresponding OPAL courses: VSR's Courses in OPAL.

Digital Student Mentoring

The Digital Student Mentoring Service

As an additional service for our students, VSR provides a Digital Student Mentoring. Any of our students seeking assistance in their studies with regard to organizational aspects and online education can contact our Student mentor to get help on a student-to-student level by an experienced student studying in a higher semester. For further information, please check the Digital Student Mentoring Homepage.

Consultation Sessions

To discuss about study-related matters directly with our Student Mentor, we invite you to the Digital Student Mentoring consultation sessions offered every week on Friday between 3:00pm and 4:00pm via BBB.


Online Exams

What will I need for taking an online exam?

You will need the following:

  • be registered for the exam at the examination office
  • your student id
  • a supported web browser (Chrome, Firefox)
  • a reliable and stable internet connection with sufficient speed to permanently maintain video connectivity to the proctor
  • an undisturbed environment without other persons in the same room
  • a camera for proctoring (you can also use your phone's camera) with sufficient video quality to be able to read your student id for identity verification. Please follow these instructions for the camera setup
  • any allowed materials

I do not have a reliable and stable internet connection with sufficient speed. How can I participate in the exam?

You are allowed to take exams in the university library. The necessary equipment for the exam must be brought along and you need to register for that service in advance.

I do not have the required hardware (a PC or laptop and a camera). How can I particpate in the exam?

The IT department of the university can lend you a laptop to use for the exam. This is subject to the rules for lending exam equipment (website only available in German currently).

I am unsure about how tasks in an online exam would look like. Where can I get myself acquainted to the exam system?

The university provides a demo exam showcasing different task types.

What do I have to do?

At the meeting time (30 min before the official start time stated in the exam schedule) you have to join your BBB room. There will be a proctor for your exam in the room. Within these 30 minutes prior to the exam, we also need to verify your identity. Therefore, please have your student ID ready. The exam itself will already show up as an OPAL item after the registration, but you can only access it after your proctor in BBB confirms the start, so that all students start together at the official start time. There will be several tasks in the exam, consisting primarily of text input questions, multiple choice questions and gap-filling tasks. The exam will be in a non-linear manner where you can move between the different tasks.

What are the rules?

  • Read and confirm the Online Exam Instructions (shown on the TUCexam page)
  • Restroom breaks: Ask the proctor via BBB private chat, only leave the room after receiving approval
  • Do not leave your seat spontaneously
  • Keep your camera turned on at all times
  • Keep the connection to BBB and TUCexam open at all times
  • Do not use any other applications
  • Do not communicate with anyone apart from your proctor or our hotline

Where do I find the links to the exam, the BBB room and other information specific to my exam?

This information will be announced in the OPAL courses of each module and as registered course participant you should be notified via email automatically.

When should I be online and join the BBB room?

30 minutes before the time stated in the exam schedule.

Which materials are allowed during the exam?

The exam will be an open book exam which means you can use all printed material e.g. lecture notes, books, material from the exercises, handwritten notes, dictionaries. Everything else is prohibited. This particularly includes any form of communication with other persons.

How can I contact you during the exam?

Standard communication: via BBB (private chat) to the proctor, e.g. checking student ID, asking for a break to go to a restroom etc.

Emergency communication: only for technical problems

How can I ask a question during the exam?

Send your question in a private chat to the exam proctor.

What should I do if my internet connection drops during the exam?

  1. Reconnect to BBB room
  2. Reconnect to TUCExam
  3. Contact our exam support hotline: +49 371 531 29885
  4. Wait for the approval to continue your exam

Third Attempt Exams

I have failed an exam several times and this is my last attempt. How can I proceed?

You can request an oral exam through our secretary's office as detailed below.

Oral Exams

How can I request an oral exam?

If you are having one of our exams as final attempt, you can request to take the exam as oral exam. Please contact our secretary's office stating your name, the subject for which you request an oral exam and the semesters in which you have previously failed that exam: Dajana Herklotz

Exam Reviews

What is the purpose of the exam reviews?

With the exam reviews you can have a deep check as well as on your assessment as on your mistakes done in the exam. Therefore and due to data protection compliances, you can only review the exam you have written yourself. Please note that during the exam reviews we can not give out any sample solutions nor answer questions trying to circumvent this.

What is the process of the online exam reviews?

You need to register for the exam reviews via the provided survey link for the semester's exam reviews. Only then you are allowed to join in the planned sessions by the given session link.

When you click on the session link, you will be placed in a waiting room, which states “Wait until the moderator gives you permission”. This is a first come first serve procedure. If you receive a timeout notification, please refresh the page. Don't worry if there is no change in the waiting room status for some time! Once it is your turn, the moderator will let you in the BBB-room automatically.

Once you are in the BBB room, select participation with microphone and provide your webcam, and please prepare your student ID. After successful ID check, the moderator will place you in a breakout room where the review itself will take place. You will have maximum 10 minutes to review each exam.

What are the rules applying to the online exam reviews?

Only participate in the exam review if you agree with the following conditions. If you violate the online exam review rules, the exam review will end immediately.

  1. Ensure a quiet and undisturbed environment. Sounds such as music or television are not permitted.
  2. Communication with any other person by any means is forbidden!
  3. Taking screenshots, notes or photos of the exam questions is strictly forbidden.
  4. Programs such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Communication programs such as Skype, Whatsapp, Telegram, etc. are strictly forbidden.
  5. You are only allowed to have the Big Blue Button session open.

Bachelor/Master Thesis and Practical Courses (Forschungspraktika, Teamorientierte Praktika)

Thesis Topics

I am looking for a topic for doing my Bachelor/Master thesis or Practical Course (Forschungspraktikum, Teamorientiertes Praktikum), where can I find available topics and whom should I contact?

You can find the list of available topics here: Proposed Topics. For more information about a topic, contact the adviser listed first with that topic.


I need a quiet and distraction-free place to work on my Bachelor/Master thesis. How can I get that?

You can book a workplace in the library using the workplace reservation form. This service is provided by the university library and subject to the regulations of the library. You will need to upload a confirmation of working on a graduation paper. For theses that are already registered, that is the confirmation that you received by the examination office (ZPA). If you have not yet registered your thesis, but are working on the vision document or task description, please contact your advisor to get a confirmation by the professorship.

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