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Distributed and Self-organizing Systems
Distributed and Self-organizing Systems

Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting us, please check the following answers to frequently asked questions.


Getting Started

I am a new student and want to take one of VSR'S modules in this semester. How do I get started?

  1. Find the corresponding module homepage here: Current Educational Moddules.
  2. Carefully read the information on that homepage.
  3. Register for the module in the corresponding OPAL course. The link to the course can be found on the module homepage or here: VSR's Courses in OPAL
  4. Carefully read all information provided in the OPAL course.
  5. Subscribe to the "Announcements" section in OPAL to receive notifications from the course via Email.
  6. Frequently check the Module Homepage and OPAL course for any relevant updates.
  7. Frequently check your emails for any course notifications.
  8. Frequently check our news for any relevant posts: VSR News

Lecture/Tutorial Materials

Where do I find materials for the lectures/tutorials?

Materials for lectures and tutorials can be found on the websites of the corresponding modules listed here: Current Educational Moddules. Materials for tutorials are available for registered students in the corresponding OPAL courses: VSR's Courses in OPAL.


Third Attempt Exams

I have failed an exam several times and this is my last attempt. How can I proceed?

You can request an oral exam through our secretary's office as detailed below.

Oral Exams

How can I request an oral exam?

If you are having one of our exams as final attempt, you can request to take the exam as oral exam. Please contact our secretary's office stating your name, the subject for which you request an oral exam and the semesters in which you have previously failed that exam: Dajana Herklotz

Bachelor/Master Thesis and Practical Courses (Forschungspraktika, Teamorientierte Praktika)

Thesis Topics

I am looking for a topic for doing my Bachelor/Master thesis or Practical Course (Forschungspraktikum, Teamorientiertes Praktikum), where can I find available topics and whom should I contact?

You can find the list of available topics here: Proposed Topics. For more information about a topic, contact the adviser listed first with that topic.

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