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Distributed and Self-organizing Systems
Distributed and Self-organizing Systems


Finding the Best Based on the People Available Leveraging the Crowd

Authors: Fabian Wiedemann, Ralph Sontag, Martin Gaedke


Workflow diagram

An in-house crowd is composed of persons with different skills, where they can be assigned to different projects on demand. Persons forming an in-house crowd have to meet for different purposes, such as planning the project or distributing objectives. While scheduling meetings is an important task in a knowledge worker's daily business, the problem evolves by adding more specific constraints to the scheduling. It is difficult for a company that uses an in-house crowd to decide which project can be executed on which date. To deal with this problem we propose the NeLMeS approach. NeLMeS extends the principle of meeting scheduling by defining projects and their required skills as well as persons who have some skills. We present a first prototype that uses LinkedIn to extract person skills and schedules which project can be executed at each date.


Demo screenshot

For demonstrating NeLMeS we implemented a first prototype that uses LinkedIn as identity provider and for extracting person skills. Our prototype offers a RESTful API that is written in JavaScript and uses the runtime environment of node.js. To store data persistently we use the NoSQL database MongoDB. The front-end of our web application uses the frameworks Bootstrap for creating a responsive user interface that is easy to use on desktop computers as well as mobile devices.


The following illustrates various aspects of NeLMeS

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