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Distributed and Self-organizing Systems
Distributed and Self-organizing Systems

Inter-Widget Communication by Demonstration


User Interface Mashups have become increasingly popular, as they allow end users with little programming skills to create situational Web applications on their own. Those are built by composing interactive components, so-called widgets, whose integration is achieved by the means of inter-widget communcation (IWC). Since widgets are built by different vendors and rely on different data models, IWC rarely works "out of the box", which leaves users with the tedious task of manual wiring and limited functionality. This paper presents a semi-automatic, end-user friendly approach to extend widgets with IWC capabilities by employing the programming by demonstration paradigm. The solution is demonstrated using an extension of Apache Rave, an open-source widget composition platform.

Online Demo

To try out the demo, type in some city name in one of the presented widgets and then do the same for all others. The system will learn from your input and will autocomplete the city names if you type a new name in the first widget.


Further Readings

Olexiy Chudnovskyy, Christian Fischer, Martin Gaedke, Stefan Pietschmann. Inter-Widget Communication by Demonstration in User Interface Mashups (Conference Paper) Proceedings of 13th International Conference on Web Engineering Companion (ICWE2013 Companion). Aalborg, Denmark. July 08-12, 2013

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