Chemnitz University of Technology
VSR Research Group
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Gaedke & Team

SolidRDP: Applying Solid Data Containers for Research Data Publishing

Overall Objective

In the context of Open Science, researchers are encouraged to publish their research datasets in digital data repositories so that others can find and reuse it. However, this process is commonly conducted via centralized data management platforms. Research data has to be uploaded to such a platform and this imposes the risk to become dependent from the access control and data exposure capabilities of the platform provider. Semantic technologies are one approach to improve this situation and manage research datasets in a decentralized way with an interdisciplinary focus. In this project, We are particularly interested in Linked Data Platform - based approaches and how good Solid in particular fits for research data publishing (RDP) activities. This research contributes to present a conceptual RDP model and we assess a container-based approach to publish research data in a Solid environment in a decentralized manner, both from a researcher and developer perspective.



Presentation Slides at ICWE 2020

SolidRDP Full Presentation

Presentation Video at ICWE 2020

SolidRDP Youtube Video

Comparison of existing decen-tralized RDM solutions

Comparison of existing decen-tralized RDM solutions (Technical report)

SolidRDP Application

SolidRDP Application

Interdisciplinary Research Data management Survey

Interdisciplinary Research Data management Survey

SolidRDP Application Evaluation

SolidRDP Application Evaluation Survey