Inline FLI/FLC- player in JAVA

This is a demonstration of an inline player for FLI/FLC files. It is written as JAVA  APPLET and works in 3 steps:
  1. Loading and parsing of the FLI/FLC-files;
  2. Reconstruction of the single frames;
  3. Playing of the frames as animation in a thread;

Perhaps it works a little jerky at the beginning. After that the animation will be played smoothly.

Linux users!
Please have a look at my new GPLd musical score editor NtEd -->


The advantages in comparision to loading a sequence of single GIFs:

The disadvantages are:

New See also: The inline MPEG - player in JAVA

FLI/FLC files can be produced from a sequence of images (perhaps with some indirections) by means of the following tools:

Eventually the structure of this JAVA  APPLET can serve as a basis for an inline MPEG player or an inline H.261 player. But you must take into account that the effort of decoding will be still higher. Because of this you will possibly wait longer for the animation.

To use the FLI/FLC player place a text like this on your web page:

	<APPLET CODE="Flic_Player.class" WIDTH=410 HEIGHT=310>

The (optional) parameter "DELAY" describes the delay (in ms) between 2 images during animation default: 200.

Known problems:

And here is the source.

J. Anders