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Distributed and Self-organizing Systems
Distributed and Self-organizing Systems


An Evolution-oriented Architecture for Web Applications


Conference Paper




Guntram Gräf

Guntram Gräf



Second Nordic Workshop on Software Architecture (NOSA-99)

Published in

Proceedings of the Second Nordic Workshop on Software Architecture (NOSA-99)


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The Web has become an efficient environment for application delivery. The originally intended idea, as a distributed system for knowledge-interchange, has given way to organizations offering their products and services using the Web as a global point of sale. Although the arising possibilities look promising, the development process remains ad-hoc in real-life Web development. The understanding of Web application development mostly neglects architectural approaches, resulting in Web sites that fail in achieving typical goals like evolvable and maintainable structures of the information space. Beyond that, as the architecture of a Web application matures, more and more knowledge about the domain becomes embodied into code and therefore burdens maintenance and reuse of parts of the application. In this paper, we will propose an architecture and a framework using the notion of services as model entities for Web application development. The object-oriented WebComposition Markup Language, which is an application of the XML, will be presented as basis for a generic evolvable framework for services. Finally, the results of its usage will be described in detail by giving an example of a large-scale transnational Intranet, where the framework is in use.


Gräf, Guntram; Gaedke, Martin: An Evolution-oriented Architecture for Web Applications. Proceedings of the Second Nordic Workshop on Software Architecture (NOSA-99), 1999.

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