GrOWTH: Goal-Oriented End User Development for Web of Things Devices

Overall Objective

GrOWTH project intends to facilite end users to be active participants of Web of Things through a goal-oriented approach which enables end users to model their smart environments based on the desired goals. GrOWTH uses semantic web ontologies for knowledge representation and planning techniques from artificial intelligence to dynamically generate plans at runtime considering user goals, context, and available WoT devices. WoTDL (Web of Things Description Language), is the ontology desgined for describing WoT environments that supports interoperability and follows best practices. Furthermore, WoTDL2API (Web of Things Description Language to API) uses Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) paradigm to automatically generate and deploy RESTful APIs for controlling and accessing data from IoT devices and from the instances of WoTDL.

This research contributes to interoperability at different layers: Semantic interoperability, Device interoperability and Platform interoperability. Semantic interoperability of IoT scenario descriptions is achieved through WoTDL ontology. Device and Platform interoperability are achieved by providing methods that allow to wrap IoT devices with a Web-based interface, thus turning them into WoT devices which allows for easier integration with other platforms and to create composite WoT applications regardless of the hardware specification and the communication protocols.



GrOWTH: Goal-Oriented End User Development for Web of Things Devices

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