Overall Objective

MockupDD project intends to combine the high degree of end-user involvement provided by agile methodologies, with the productivity provided by MDWE (Model-Driven Web Engineering). MockupDD uses interface mockups (popular in code-based agile processes) to gather interaction and functional requirements, and then reuses them throughout the whole development process as valuable model specifications. These specifications provide also the foundation required to generate running web applications (even partially) by following an iterative enrichment process.

MockupDD intends to be a hybrid agile and model-driven methodology to analyze, design and implement web applications. It promotes intensive end-user participation by incorporating user interface mockups as a common language between them and the development team. At the same time, MockupDD relies in the productivity provided by MDWE methodologies to quickly derive web applications from high-level models.



An extensible, Model-Driven and end-user centric approach for API building

ICWE 2014 Paper

MockAPI: An Agile Approach Supporting API-first Web Application Development

ICWE 2013 Paper